How-to Pay Affiliates

How to pay affiliates and confirm payments

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How do I pay my affiliates?

The best way to pay your affiliates is by our auto-pay solution. You can also use PayPal or any other form of manual payment.

What is autopay?

Autopay lets you connect your credit card or bank account to the app and pay your affiliates effortlessly. To enable autopay, go to "Settings" -> "Payout" and hit enable for the Automatic payouts option. Enter your credit card and save.

  • Invite your affiliates to connect their bank accounts

  • Decide whether you want to pay on a monthly schedule

  • Send ad-hoc autopayments

  • Monthly draft auto-payments

Using autopay

1. Enable Automatic Payments

  1. Navigate to the "Payout" section in "Settings"

  2. Select the "Enabled" option in the "Automatic payouts" section

  3. Enter your credit card details

2. Add affiliates to automatic payments

  1. Click the "Edit autopay invite email" link. This will navigate you to the "Emails" section where you'll be able to edit and preview the email sent to your affiliates.

    1. The content: Edit the text for the subject, body, button, and footer

    2. The design: Edit the accent colour, logo URL, and logo width

  2. Navigate back to the "Payout" section and click the "Invite affiliates to enable autopay" button.

  3. Click the "Send" button

Using manual payments

1. Navigate to the "Affiliates" section

  • Select the affiliates you want to pay by clicking the checkbox beside their name. Tip: use the filter to show affiliates with "Amount Owed" > 0

  • Click the "Create payment" button

2. Click "Confirm" once you've reviewed the payments being created.

3. Navigate to the "Payments" section to view all payments.

By default, all payments are marked as "Unconfirmed"

4. Log in to your preferred payment processor (ex. PayPal or bank transfer service) and send the unconfirmed payments to your affiliate's payment emails.

5. For good record keeping, we suggest confirming payments sent.

  • Navigate to the "Payments" section

  • Select the payments made from the list

  • Click "Confirm payment"

  • (Optional) Add a payment note

  • Click "Confirm"

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