1. Navigate to the "Navigation" setting under the "Online Store" section of Shopify

  • From here, select whether you want to add the "Affiliate Dashboard" to the footer or header menu.

2. Add new Menu Item

  • After clicking the "Link" box, find and select the "Pages" option from the menu

4. Select the "Affiliate Dashboard" option from the "Pages" list

  • The "Affiliate Dashboard" page is created automatically when you install the Simple Affiliate app.

  • Click the "Add" button

  • *Be sure to save your changes!

5. View your online store and the newly created "Affiliate Dashboard"!

6. "Register" as an Affiliate or "Log in"

  • Customers who already have an account with your store don't need to register.

  • Registering to be an affiliate also creates a customer account with your store.

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