With Simple Affiliate, all affiliates are created as customers with the tag "Affiliate". This feature allows you to easily create customer groups and segments, which will help when emailing affiliates using your preferred email marketing platform. Below you learn how to use Shopify's email feature to contact affiliates.

Using Shopify's Marketing Campaigns feature

1. Filter customers with "affiliate" tag

  • Navigate to the "Customers" section

  • Click "Tagged with" and enter "affiliate"

2. Create a "Customer group" for your affiliates

  • Click "Save filters" and enter a name for your group

3. Create a "Campaign"

  • Navigate to the "Campaigns" section under "Marketing"

  • Click the "Create campaign" button

  • Select "Shopify Email" from the list

4. Configure the "Campaign"

  • Choose the desired campaign template from the list provided by Shopify

  • Click the "To:" field and select the customer group we created for affiliates

  • It is important to remember that only subscribed customers will be available for email campaigns

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