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Simple Affiliate - Autopay Overview & Fees
Simple Affiliate - Autopay Overview & Fees
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What is autopay?

Autopay lets you connect your credit card to the app and pay your affiliates effortlessly. To enable autopay, go to "Settings" -> "Payout" and hit enable for the Automatic payouts option. Enter your credit card and save. That's it!

When will my affiliates get paid?

You can decide whether you want to pay your affiliates on a monthly schedule or not. If you have autopay set to a monthly schedule, a draft auto-payment will be created at the end of every month. You can then review & send it at your convenience from within the app.

Autopay processing fees

Fees are based on the commission amount. Please note that we (Simple Affiliate) only take a small amount to cover our costs. Stripe charges the majority of fees to handle payment processing.

If using a bank account:

  • 3.4% (2.9% for premium plan users) of commission

If using a credit card:

  • 5.4% (4.9% for premium plan users) of commission

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