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How-to Set Up Groups in Simple Affiliate
How-to Set Up Groups in Simple Affiliate

Create new groups, add members to them, tiered commission, and referral discount codes

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Setting up your Groups

Every affiliate belongs to a group and gets the reward structure from that group. It is not uncommon to have a group with a single affiliate. All new affiliates land in the group with (Default) in the name, unless otherwise specified (see below).

Creating a new group

You can create a new group by hitting the "Create group" button. Here you can set a new reward structure, as well as a custom description that will only show on the dashboard for affiliates belonging to this group:

How to sign up affiliates to a different group

Once the group is saved, you can click on it to access the direct group invite link. You can send it to affiliates directly to have them become members of this group, instead of the default group!

When manually adding affiliates from within the app, you also have the option of selecting which group you want them to be in:

Moving affiliates between groups

Referral discount codes

Referral discount codes are set at the group level. Please read How-to enable referral discount codes and set discount rules

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