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How-to onboard your affiliates

The Onboarding Process

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The Onboarding Process

With Simple Affiliate, you can have two options to onboard new affiliates.

The Affiliate Dashboard

The Affiliate Dashboard is installed as a "Page" in your Shopify Online Store with the title "Affiliate Dashboard". The Affiliate Dashboard page will have the URL "https://[]/pages/affiliate" and can easily be added to one of your navigation menus.

The page handles registration for logged out visitors as well logged in customers who are not affiliates yet. It also handles log in for existing affiliates who want to check their stats or make new links.

If the visitor is logged out of your store, they will be prompted to either login or register

Hitting "register" will bring up the affiliate signup form

After submitting the signup form, if the applicant does not yet have a customer account on your store, they will be prompted to activate their new account and set a password. Otherwise, they will be prompted to log in to their existing customer account.

If you have manual approval enabled, applicants will see the following message:

Once approved, they will see the affiliate dashboard and have access to their referral tools

Next, learn how to enable additional referral tools for your affiliates to provide them with seamless ways to generate referrals:

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