Can affiliates track referrals using discount codes?

Yes. Referral discount codes are managed on the group level, with unique coupons being generated for each affiliate. This allows for very precise control of your affiliate program. For example, the affiliate group "Lipsticks" can have a 10% discount rule that is restricted to the collection "Lipsticks". This rule will apply to any affiliate in the Lipsticks group, so when they use their coupons to drive sales you can make sure that discounts are only given to relevant products.

  1. Visit the Groups page and select the group you would like to edit
  2. Hit "Enabled" for the Referral discount rule setting
  3. Hit "Edit referral discount rule" and specify how you would like the group members' codes to work
  4. This rule will be used to create individual discount codes for each affiliate belonging to that group. If the rule is edited, the individual discounts will get updated automatically. By default, the code will be the affiliates' first name, but you can rename the coupon on the Affiliates page
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