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How-to use Simple Affiliate

Simple Affiliate Walk through Video

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About Simple Affiliate

  • Seamless in-house affiliate program

  • Unlimited referrals & affiliates

  • Track referrals using discount codes and links

  • Automatically apply discount codes when links are clicked

  • Customize links to make them as short as

  • Create groups of affiliates with different reward structures

Single sign-on

In just a few clicks, you can combine your affiliate program with your customer accounts and avoid having to force affiliates to log in somewhere else. With Simple Affiliate, your visitors now log directly into your store to become affiliates, access their links, and track their stats.

Seamless onboarding

Simple Affiliate lets you seamlessly turn your customers into affiliates. On setup, we install a new page called "Affiliate Dashboard" - link to it from your main menu or send your customers an email about it to onboard like never before!

Effortless reward structure

Your affiliates are organized in groups. Groups specify the reward structure like commission and discount amounts for links and discount codes belonging to affiliates that are members of the group. Easily update reward structures in bulk at any time, by modifying your group settings!

No restrictions

There are no limits to the number of affiliates or orders per month.

Customize freely with CSS

All the code is hosted on your site, meaning you can freely customize the look and feel using CSS.

Live chat support

Questions or comments? Chat with us at any time!

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